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Do Drea and Russ end up together in Do Revenge? (Spoilers)


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Do Revenge has finally arrived on Netflix, and the new teen movie will be all the rage this fall. Riverdale star Camila Mendes and Stranger Things breakout Maya Hawke co-lead the Netflix original movie as teenage girls getting revenge on their exes.

Drea (Mendes) wants to get back at her ex-boyfriend Max (Austin Abrams) for leaking a private video to the whole school, while Eleanor (Hawke) hopes to make things even with a former camp crush who humiliated her. But the two also find new love in the movie.

When the one-time queen bee falls from grace, Drea ventures into different social circles, which includes getting closer to classmate and artist Russ (Rish Shah). The pair have a rocky romance once the revenge plan spirals out of control, but do Drea and Russ make it work in the end?

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Do Revenge!

Do Drea and Russ get back together in Do Revenge?

While helping Eleanor get revenge on Carissa (Ava Capri), Drea happens to hit it off with Carissa’s blue-haired British friend, Russ. The unlikely pair find common ground and get together little by little throughout the movie, leading up to their paint-splattered kissing scene that’s reminiscent of 10 Things I Hate About You.

Unfortunately, Eleanor tricks Drea into telling Russ the truth about what she’s done to Carissa. She frantically calls him and admits to lacing Carissa’s dinner with drugs, but Eleanor hadn’t actually told Russ the truth, as she alluded to Drea. During the phone call, Drea gets into a car accident. (Of course, that’s another part of Eleanor’s twisted plan.)

Russ visits Drea in the hospital, and he asks her to turn herself in for what she did at Carissa’s dinner. But she rebuffs his demand, citing the difference between the consequence she would receive compared to Carissa. He then confronts her about exposing Max’s texts and thus the private lives of the fellow girls in her class.

Even though Russ breaks up with Drea in the hospital, she and Eleanor later team back up to finally bring Max down for good and make everything right. Following through with their revenge and finding out what they really want brings them a new sense of clarity.

In a mid-credits scene, Drea surprises Russ in his garage with “I’m sorry” painted on a super-sized canvas. She tells him that she came clean about what she did, and while Carissa’s still expelled for growing drugs, she told the truth. Drea and Russ kiss and officially get back together.

Were you rooting for the couple to end up together? Share your thoughts on the movie in the comments, and make sure to watch Do Revenge now on Netflix.

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