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A recently widowed woman and widower, the only thing Brenda (Queen Latifah) wants to do is move to a new place and start a new beginning. However, her dreams of the possibility of a rejuvenating road trip across the country are shattered as she and her loved ones are found themselves in the path of an elusive killer. End of the Road is the most recent Netflix thriller coming our way this week and will be released on Friday, 9th September.

Brenda, her older brother Reggie (Ludacris), and her children are snared by an armed criminal inside the New Mexico desert, wholly isolated from assistance. Are they able to escape? Millicent Shelton directs the film. End of the Road promises a thrilling suspense thriller that keeps viewers at the forefront of their seats.

Queen Latifah and Ludacris are the two main characters in the film as siblings fighting to survive as murder and the disappearance of a bag of cash throw them into danger. Please find out more about the movie’s cast and the actors that appear along with them.

The End of the Road cast

Queen Latifah is the main star of the new film. The well-known actress and rapper play Brenda, who is a widow trying to support her family during an incredible road trip. Her most famous work is her work in the music industry and for acting projects, including the popular comedy Living Single.

Queen Latifah has also appeared in movies like ChicagoTaxiBringing Down the House, and many more. Between acting and other projects, she also writes and often makes soundtracks. Recently, she was the lead in The Netflix movie Hustle alongside Adam Sandler; she is currently playing the lead role in The Equalizer, a CBS show The Equalizer.

Ludacris is more well-known for his rap career than for acting, but the actor has appeared in numerous blockbusters and TV shows over the years, the most notable being his role in the Fast and Furious franchise. He is also a host of the latest version of Fear Factor. He is Reggie Brenda’s brother in the End of the Road.

Find out more about other of the End of the Road cast members and their roles in the following video:

  • Queen Latifah as Brenda
  • Chris “Ludacris” Bridges as Reggie
  • Beau Bridges ( HomelandThe Descendants)
  • Mychala Faith Lee ( Truth Be ToldThe Greatest Inheritance) as Kelly
  • Shaun Dixon ( Kid’s CrewThe Exit Row) as Cam
  • Frances Lee McCain ( Back to the FutureGremlins) as Val

A few cast members are working on other projects that are available on Netflix at the moment!

  • Queen LatifahMaya and the ThreeThe TrapHustle
  • LudacrisNo strings attachedShow Dogs
  • Beau Bridges: Stargate SG-1Bloodline
  • Director Millicent Shelton Directed various seasons of The Flash (“The Flash Is Born,” Welcome to Earth-2,” and “Borrowing Problems from the Future”) as well as The Walking Dead episode “Scars.”

End of the Road releases this Friday, Sept. 9 on Netflix.

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