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I Came By ending explained: Who are the prisoners?


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I Came By ending explained: Who are those prisoners?

Another week Another one of the tense Netflix thrillers for all of us to be obsessed with. Babak Anvari returns with his third feature film, I Came by, with George MacKay, Hugh Bonneville, Percelle Ascott, and Kelly Macdonald.

Warning: Major spoilers are coming in “I Came By.”

“I came By is an eerie tale that is which is rooted in a class war. MacKay is Toby, an artist who targets the upper class and marks their homes to deliver an ominous message about class. Toby’s role is dramatically changed when he goes into the basement of a retired judge and uncovers a shocking secret that puts him in danger and everyone he cherishes.

I Came By ending explained, Wondering Who were the Prisoners in the basement? Here is the answer:

While in Hector Blake’s home to scribble on his walls, Toby finds a shocking discovery in the basement of Hector’s. Toby discovers Hector Blake’s retired judge is keeping prisoners inside a hidden bunker behind the shelf.

When Hector was a kid, his father employed the services of a Parsi man known as Ravi to help with the home. Ravi and Hector’s father grew closer and eventually slept together. After Hector’s mother learned the truth, she took her own life. Since then, Hector has resented Ravi for entering his home in the first place and “stealing” his entire life away from his father.

Hector uses his position as a highly regarded judge who assists immigrants, usually pro bono, to kidnap and kill vulnerable individuals. He targets asylum seekers, holds prisoners, and then murders the prisoners. It’s his bizarre and sinister method of retribution against Ravi. Toby’s first target Toby discovers is one of many victims Hector has abducted and tortured throughout the decades.

After the film, Jay can find another captive in Hector’s new home. Even after he relocates, Hector wastes no time returning to his old hobby. Many viewers may have thought that the prisoners at the beginning and those at the film’s close were the same guys. However, they’re two completely different people.

Throughout the entire film, we are told that Hector is kidnapping at least two prisoners who are not named. He lures the prisoners into his home in the pretence of aiding them, but then injects them with alcohol and then captures them. Omid nearly managed to escape from Hector. However, he eventually found him and blackmailed him before murdering him.

I came by movie ending explained who are those prisoners in the basement Netflix
Image Source: IMDb

I Came By ending explained What was the fate of Toby as well as Lizzie?

Poor Toby attempts to help Hector’s victims, but he becomes one of them. Hector is killed by Toby off-screen. We watch him burn Toby’s clothes inside the kiln he employs to dispose of dead bodies. He then discharges his ashes into the toilet. Toby’s mother, Lizzie, tries to find her son but is thrown into a trap set up by Hector. He also kills her, however, off-screen. Then, we witness him burning the clothes of Lizzie and her driver’s licence, which confirms her death.

How does it play out at the close in I Came By?

After a series of disappearances and intrigues of the police, Hector flees his old home and relocates. When Jay realizes that Hector killed Lizzie, he also takes matters into his own. With the help of Naz, Jay finds out which place Hector will be the next time and follows him until he arrives at his new home.

Hector may have moved in the past, but the kidnapper still kills and abducts people. Jay confronts Hector, and the two are involved in a violent battle which ends with Jay freeing Hector’s most recent captive. Jay then employs the duct tape method to secure Hector to the ground and gives him an offering to the police. However, before he leaves, Jay does one final “I Came By” graffiti on his wall of Hector’s.

“I Came By” has been released and is currently streamed through Netflix.

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