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Prey 2022 movie the latest addition to the “Predator” series, has probably saved the predator franchise from its downfall. Since the first time it was released in 1987, the Predator film series became a standard in the action science fiction genre. Through the years, seven movies have been released focusing on the main characters, hunters. 

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The Predator’s origin story was in the Comanche Nation world 300 years ago. Naru, a skilled warrior, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth.

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Carl Weathers And Arnold Schwarzenegger On The Set Of “Predator”. (Photo By Sunset Boulevard/Corbis Via Getty Images)

Since 1987, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s original movie, the predator franchise, has been a bit less popular, with most of its movies and spin-offs failing to make an impression on the minds of audiences and the box office. The most recent installment attempts to rectify this omission and is already a great success as Prey is now blooming with popularity.

The cinematography was breathtaking. The characters were fascinating, and I’m curious to see how we bring contemporary franchises into various historical and cultural contexts. The callbacks were a delight. It’s unlikely to award this film an Oscar. 

However, I’d prefer to look at a story that’s this good, instead of movies that feature caps and poorly staged action scenes. I was immediately absorbed, and Amber Midthunder impressed me the entire time. It’s great to know that films like this still amaze me and cause me to get up and cheer.

I believe Prey was a great job of creating a brand-new plot. We all know that the spin-offs and sequels to predictors were more like what you can buy. However, here’s a true narrative that elegantly weaves several storylines to make this intriguing new version.

Amber Midthunder more than holds herself and keeps the pace fast. The film excels in utilizing the historical context to create maximum impact.

Prey 2022 REVIEW

In all fairness, in this review, I’ve always been quite tolerant of this particular Predator franchise. Although the film is a masterwork in the science fiction action and horror genre, I believe many people wrongly place this film on the same level as the pedestal, which is not right.

So, I love all the spinoffs and sequels from The Predator franchise. However, with the arrival of Prey, the Hulu Exclusive Prey 2022, I am reminded of how the Predator franchise can reach levels of amazingness.

Since that Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios), I, along with many others who were fans of the Alien and Predator films, was worried about whether Disney was interested in developing new media using these franchises, given how movies like the 2018’s The Predator floundered both critically as well as financially. To our delight, we are now seeing a brand-new high-budget prequel that takes the series in a dramatic new direction. It will likely become the benchmark for the franchise in the future.

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Prey 2022 plot summary is completely new.

The storyline in the film Prey 2022 is very simple: set on the Northern Great Plains of the United States in 1719, the film is centered around Naru ( Amber Midthunder), who is a younger member of the Comanche tribe who wants to prove to her tribe and her self that she is a competent hunter. However, Naru and her tribe are hunted by the Predator, who is on the lookout for his hunting.

The film is an adventure between cat and mouse. Naru and the Predator (officially identified by the film’s marketing team as the “Feral Predator’) hunt each other and are confronted by other threats, like wildlife in the area and French fur trappers.

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One of the greatest things about The Prey 2022 is that it makes the most of its basic premise: The Predator vs. Native American hunters. One thing I don’t like with the majority of the Predator media made after the initial movie is that it is trying to remain (or isn’t able to get away) close to the original film. In this way, many were hesitant to move in a different direction. They felt they had to satisfy a set amount to create the “real” entry in Predator. Predator franchise included the following: high-masculine machismo and emphasis on military and guns, action as well as the jungle, snappy one-liners, and so on.

In truth, all you need to have as a basis for creating a predator film is the title monster. The Predator is among the most versatile monsters in pop culture because of its extensive history in other media like novels, comics, and video games, which have placed the Predator in many situations that aren’t found in the films.

As such, Prey 2022 director and co-writer Dan Trachtenberg nailed the basic idea of the Predator time movie to the fullest extent. The film is a real-life portrayal of Comanche indigenous people in the 18th century, something you are unlikely to ever experience in movies. This authenticity helps convey the setting and isn’t just for show but is felt throughout the film.

Prey 2022 characters

When it comes to characters, a lot of the praise for this film has been due to both the performances of the actors as well as the casting. The majority of the actors that play characters of the Comanche tribe come from Native or Indigenous backgrounds, and I’m a person who would like to be able to see diversification in Western genre films; this is a fantastic opportunity to sell authenticity as well as show the dedication of the actors and crew.

prey 2022

One of the biggest stars of The most memorable performance includes Amber Midthunder as our protagonist Naru. Even though the Predator films that preceded the first film had fun central humans, the characters were not as good as the 80s powerful charisma of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance as Major Dutch Schaefer. This was until Amber Midthunder gave us one of the absolute badass female heroines in the last few years.

Through The Predator, you see Naru as a skilled but untrained hunter who is learning to sharpen her skills against an invincible monster. It’s very reminiscent of the way in the original Predator. The first sequence introduces Dutch with his men to be extremely proficient soldiers, only to be confronted by a meat grinder after the Predator begins to move. In the film’s final moments, Naru is tested to the limits to defeat the formidable threat, as Midthunder knocks it off the mark.

Prey 2022 what was missing in earlier movies?

But what is the role of characters in the Predator film without action? As well? Prey is a master at it! The one thing missing in the more recent Predator films is that they do not make the Predator an entity of terror. In the later films, they attempt to take the “go high or leave” strategy that gave viewers the most stunning Predator variations without the terror we’ve been waiting for.

In the story of Prey, however, we see an extremely frightening movie monster who takes us on an experience with the protagonist. Throughout the film, we get to see scenes in the Predator’s view that allow us to see how it works but keep us guessing while we watch it take lessons from Naru.

Trachtenberg also captured the brutality of Predator extremely well. The fight scenes and killings in the film are among not the most thrilling in this franchise, which is already brimming with amazing scenes. There are some creative twists on how the Predator fights, and it also succeeds in making it more frightening as the present is a time that the most sophisticated weapons are flintlocks, and the film makes the most of this. Every fight scene featuring the Predator is terrifying and tense, including the Bear scene as a prime illustration of this.

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prey 2022
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Worth watching Prey 2022

Prey is reminiscent of many of the fantastic Dark Horse Predator books from the 1980s and 1990s, as it is aware of the key elements of an original Predator film and makes an original piece of work. As much as I like the previous films that followed the first PredatorPrey is a film that I can say with certainty is up to par with Predator the first time around and an oasis of calm in the current era of revivals of franchises from the past. I can’t stress this enough. Please look at The Prey and help support an amazing film like it!

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prey-2022-hulu-sci-fiThe origin story of the Predator in the world of the Comanche Nation 300 years ago. Naru, a skilled warrior, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth. I believe Prey was a great job of creating a brand-new plot. We all know that the spin-offs and sequels to predictors were more like what you can buy. However, here's a true narrative that elegantly weaves several storylines to make this intriguing new version. overall the TC or Trending cinema score is 93 out of 100.


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