What is Love in the Villa starring Kat Graham and Tom Hopper about?


The Umbrella Academy meets The Vampire Diaries in the brand-new Netflix film, Love in the Villa.

Sure, the new rom-com doesn’t feature vampires or genetically modified siblings. However, it does include a hilarious yet adorable story of two people who find that they are much happier when they are around each other.

This 2022 title is classic in that it features your typical strangers to enemies to lovers storyline, but it does so in a way that is sure to make you want to go out, find your polar opposite, and fall in love with all their annoying but admirable flaws.

Here’s everything to know about Netflix’s Love in the Villa.

Love in the Villa synopsis

Set in Verona, Italy, Love in the Villa follows the life of Julie, a woman whose trip to the beautiful country could not have kicked off more terribly than it did. Her fiance, Bradon, suddenly broke up with her, she somehow lost all of her belongings, and, worst of all, she wound up double booking her vacation home with Charlie, a man who very may well be her rival.

Julie and Charlie engage in a never-ending battle to assert their dominance in the villa, but, amid all the food-throwing and arguments, they find that they actually complement each other pretty nicely.

Will the hopeless romantic get the closed-off enigma to fall in love with her? There’s only one way to find out.

The Vampire Diaries actress Kat Graham stars as Julie in the new film, while The Umbrella Academy‘s Tom Hopper plays the role of Charlie, Julie’s counterpart.

In addition to Graham and Hopper, Love in the Villa‘s cast features Laura Hopper as Cassie, Sean Amsing as Roberto, Stefano Skalkotos as the Police Chief, Lorenzo Lazzarini as Uberto, and Ginny & Georgia star Raymond Ablack as Brandon.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to watch every second of this film. If so, head to Netflix to stream Love in the Villa today!

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