What time is End of the Road- Queen Latifah coming to Netflix?


We’re getting closer to the release date of The End of the Road, and we are bursting with excitement! Within two days, this thriller will be available on Netflix, and we can already tell that this movie will be the most talked about movie of the year.

End of the Road stars Queen Latifah, a recently divorced woman called Brenda, who decides to embark on an adventure across the country with her children and brother. However, things turn sour when they witness a brutal murder. Now Brenda has to fight to defend her family from an unknown killer who will do anything to track them down.

Alongside Queen Latifah in the film, it also features Ludacris, Beau Bridges, Mychal Faith Lee, Shaun Dixon, and Frances Lee McCain. It was also produced by Millicent Shelton, based on a screenplay by David Loughery.

We’d hate for you to miss out on the film’s release. Therefore, we wanted to provide the exact time the movie will be available on Netflix below.

Finalization time of Road release date

This movie, a thriller, will stream to Netflix on the Friday of September. 9th, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time, which is 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time. However, these times only apply to those on either the West Coast or East Coast of the U.S. If you’re located within the Midwest or in the Central time zone, you’ll be expecting a release time of 22:00 a.m. Central Time in September. 9.

It’s a usual late release. The film’s not too long. Its runtime is one hour 29 mins, meaning it’s not a problem watching it and then going to sleep.

It’s classified as R, which could be inappropriate for those 17 and younger. It received this rating because of some violent or bloody violence, drug and sexual content, nakedness and use of profanity. It is a totality of material that is not suitable for children and is designed for mature adult viewers only.

The end of the Road trailer Road trailer

Please watch the thrilling official trailer to get excited for its debut on Netflix!

End of the Road arrives on Netflix on Sept. 9 at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET. Who will you be watching the thriller flick with?

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